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At Cuan Mor we like to give the best experiences, this one is our Whisky experience.

We built this small fireplaced snug with one intention, to be cosy place where you could enjoy the best of whiskies.

We boast a range of whisky from the smokiest to the peatiest, our collection being one of the largest in the west coast featuring approx 100 single malt and special blends.

Many of our whiskies are unique and fairly rare; we work with one of Scotland’s finest whisky suppliers to achieve this. Gordon McPhail is famed for the dedication to the Scottish whisky heritage, by buying many of the closing distilleries stocks of whisky, they have managed to release into the market some of the best and rarest whisky at an affordable price on an ongoing basis. This truly allows you to have a great tasting experience.

We have produced for your enjoyment our own 'Whisky Bible', an extensive guide to all the whiskies available in our Brewery Bar. The Whisky Bible gives you all the information you could ask for about each whisky, we go through the colour, the palate, the nose and the finish in detail, also a rating system to keep you enlightened with the good to the greatest.

We hope you enjoy your experience.