About our ales

Skinny Blonde

Our palest ale of all… (4.1% ABV) with lager like nuances and colour. It has a pleasant and surprising fruitiness along with citrus notes. For the true lager lover this is a must try ale.

Fair Puggled

A Scottish Stout Type Special (4.6% ABV) that gets its deep dark shade from three coloured malts, which combined with wheat, produce a rounded malty beer. There are some fruity notes and an interesting spicy bitterness and hoppy finish.

Kilt Lifter

A true India Pale Ale, (3.9% IPA), an amber lager colour and a ability to drink so easily. Has a wee hoppy and bitter bite but smoothed out with caramel and malt on the finish. Lovely all on its own or with supper.

Skelpt Lug

You may want to call this our 80 Shilling (4.2% ABV) but with a bit more hops. A reddish brown tone with a complex malty taste, coming from the blending of both colored malts and wheat malt, resulting in a refreshing, grassy and fruity ale with a hoppy finish.

Ginger Jakey

With its rich red colour, mildly bitter flavour and a spicy aroma this is an excellent introduction to our range (4.2%ABV). Its medium flavours don't overwhelm the palate and will go well with meat dishes, even better with pizza!